“CORE has maximized my capacity to lead with greater results and has enhanced my confidence to manage the most complex situations with an ease that was, at one-time, unimaginable. Efficiencies resulting from CORE offer me more time to get to things I couldn’t get to, in both the business and in my life.” 

– Annette Warring, CEO Dentsu Aegis Network Canada


The challenges facing companies and their leaders have never been so complex and overwhelming, which is why the need for simplicity and efficiency has never been greater.

CORE Resources

The difference between Great Leadership perceived and Great Leadership achieved is Action! We commit to stimulate thinking, feeling and above all, action; to move all Leaders, including the Greatest, towards Better!


We need to simplify the overly complex views for understanding and effectively approaching human behavior towards greater meaning and results.


We need to shift how leaders think, see, feel and approach the current challenges; transforming the level of meaning and value the work holds for themselves and their members.


We need to equip leaders with the capacity to accurately identify and immediately leverage drivers for maximized meaning, motivation, optimal performance and rapid efficiencies towards preferred results.


When we transform the meaning and value of people’s experiences in both work and life, the sustainment of maximized motivation and performance is inevitable.