The Good News...

  • Leaders are Amazing

    All Leaders want two things – to take the best possible care of their people and, they want to deliver optimal results for their teams and their organizations.

  • The Impact

    Research and data demonstrate unequivocally that nothing impacts the experiences of employees and company results more than leaders do!

    Quality leadership is inextricably linked to effective Communication, Enhanced Employee Engagement, Great Culture and subsequently Greatest Outcomes.

  • Great for People, Great for Profit

    Simply put, when leaders can lead in the manner that’s preferred, the experience is great for the well-being of employees and the results are great for the company.

    Leaders are good for people, because when employees feel better about themselves and the work holds great meaning, they perform optimally!

    When employees perform optimally, companies exceed expectations with their services/products, their customers, and of course, with both top and bottom-lines.

The Bad News...

  • The Challenges

    It is impossible to list all challenges facing companies and their leaders today! Globalization, increased competitiveness, a diverse and changing workforce, fiscal/resource restraints, the “uncertain” future of work, including the rapid and constant changes in technology and business practices are just some of the massive challenges facing leaders.


    The future of business and work across all sectors has been characterized as VUCA; Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex and Ambiguous.

  • Tougher than Ever

    Considering the challenges facing leaders today, it is not surprising that leading is harder than ever. Leaders, by the millions are reporting that it is becoming more difficult to be the leader they want to be.

    While leader’s situations and circumstances vary, most report having to do more with less and have more work than the time to do it in. Many leaders report not having the energy or resources to get things done in a manner that they prefer.

    Unfortunately, the challenges directly impact the quality of a leaders’ leadership and subsequently everything else from there.

  • The Impact

    The challenges are taking their toll, not just on leaders, but on their people and their companies.

    100’s of Billions of dollars per year is spent on leadership development in North America alone! Despite this proactive approach, leader and employee engagement are at all-time lows, while employee un-wellness is at an all-time high; as are the costs associated with high absenteeism, poor-performance, discipline, turnover, mental health, health, addictions issues and the astounding increase in disability leave.


    Because, leaders operate as the number-one mechanism critical for communication, commitment (aka engagement), culture and subsequently results, it is no surprise that as leaders are challenged, so too are all important aspects of the business negatively impacted.


    Poor-quality leadership and the subsequent consequences cost companies 100’s of billions of dollars per year; however, the cost of human suffering is immeasurable.

The Great News!

  • There are no Bad Leaders!

    Leaders are people. Leadership is a practice. All leaders struggle with leadership in different ways, at different times and with different things.

    There are no bad leaders! There is however, poor leadership; sometimes in moments and sometimes consistently. Poor leadership is unintentional and ALL leaders, just as they struggle, are also in the constant pursuit of better; for themselves, their people and their companies.

    Blaming leaders for poor leadership is not helping the already massive weight from the challenges they face. Because all Leaders want to do better, we need to move beyond the unhelpful concept of “the bad leader”, and figure out the best way to help.

    All leaders know what they need to do. More theory, more research and more reports on the poor state of things is not going to help. We need to support leaders and their development so they can execute what they already know to be true.

  • There is a Solution!

    The challenges facing companies and their leaders have never been so complex and overwhelming, which is why the need for simplicity and efficiency has never been greater.

    Simplify: We need to simplify the overly complex views for understanding and effectively approaching human behavior towards greater meaning and results.

    Transform: We need to shift how leaders think, see, feel and approach the current challenges; transforming the level of meaning and value the work holds for themselves and their members.

    Accelerate: We need to equip leaders with the capacity to accurately identify and immediately leverage drivers for maximized meaning, motivation, optimal performance and rapid efficiencies towards preferred results.

    Sustain: When we transform the meaning and value of people’s experiences in both work and life, the sustainment of maximized motivation and performance is inevitable.