Stephen de Groot

President, Myriad Consulting

Stephen has made his life’s work all about optimizing human potential towards the best possible outcomes and, has worked with and learned from more than 40,000 of the most amazing and “difficult” populations around the world!

His career as a professor of human behavior theory combined with his extensive practice experience places him in a unique league; beyond thought leader and more importantly, as a leader of efficient and effective practice.

As an author, international speaker, and performance development facilitator Steve has exceeded expected outcomes with more than 250 organizations world-wide. Feedback and testimonials gathered from Myriad training and development sessions, state unequivocally that “they are among the best and most impactful professional learning experiences ever”.

Stephen understands and approaches human motivation, performance and preferred behavior change like very few people do. He has an exceptional track record demonstrating and exceeding amazing results; consistently maximizing motivation and optimizing performance towards good, to great, to miraculous results!

His current mission –  to inspire leaders with simple, practical and immediately impactful tools, so that they may inspire the people they are responsible for; towards maximized meaning and optimal performance in every aspect of their work and their lives.

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Chris Downey

CORE Business Partner

Chris holds an unparalleled passion for helping people succeed. For over 15 years, Chris has been leading individuals, teams and leaders in both the private and public sectors and, understands very well that success begets more success. His own success is measured by the growth, development and success of those he leads and collaborates with.

Chris believes fundamentally that; leaders have a direct impact on the health and wellness of the people they lead and support. Fostering healthy work environments create the ideal conditions for success well beyond the individual and throughout whole organizations.

Chris is ultimately dedicated and committed to helping leaders and employees across all sectors find more meaning in work and life; so, that they may maximize their potential to excel in any and all areas that they desire.

Jenn Hesson

CORE Business Partner

Jenn thrives on supporting people, both personally and professionally to realize and reach their potential.  As a people expert and senior leader for more than 17 years, Jenn has supported teams through transformational change by providing visionary leadership, fostering collaboration and creating clarity.  

Jenn’s value-based leadership style is built on the premise that when people work in alignment with their core purpose, their contributions are maximized, resulting in high quality service to clients and customers.  

Seen as a leader amongst her peers, Jenn brings out the best in people by leveraging their strengths to achieve excellence in all facets of work and personal life.  As a Consultant and CORE Business Partner, Jenn has the pleasure of working with multiple organizations and corporations; coaching, training and leading system change.