All great journeys start with a first step and, all great leadership stories start with a first page.

In this practical and profound podcast Stephen de Groot guides leaders and aspiring leaders through a personal reflection on 5 Essential questions; they are geared towards immediately improving,Ā strengthening and sustaining greater leadership.

Stephen encourages ALL Leaders at every level, to take the time and focus on the meaning in their answers to the 5 questions offered.

He assures the listener that Page 1 will maximize meaning, motivation and performance for all leaders and, demonstrates how in tough times Page 1 can be the difference between giving up and getting up.


  1. Plain text summary of the 5 questions:

    Clarifying your purpose

    1. What brought you to this role of leadership?

    2. What keeps you in the role?

    Guiding your leadership behaviour and actions and interactions:

    3. What do you need from your team members?

    4. What do you hope to accomplish with your people? (What do you want to get done with them?)

    5. What is it that you want for them? (What you’re hoping for them under your leadership)

    • Thank you again for the summary of the questions Bruce. It is important that everyone know the Pod goes deep into the purpose and details around the what, why and how the questions are so important. We encourage people to listen and take notes! Wishing everyone the best on their Leader journey to BETTER!

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