Our CORE Commitment is Simple!

We will enhance your leadership; so that you can make the lives of your people better, at work and in life!

Welcome to The CORE.

Built on CORE Foundations, the CORE approach is demonstrating a capacity unlike anything else Myriad has designed. It is quickly becoming one of the most effective and efficient approaches to preferred behaviour change and optimal human performance, ever developed.

CORE Programs offer leaders, at all levels, proven strategies for immediately enhancing leadership capacity to maximize meaning, motivation and performance in a manner that drives efficacy and exceeds results.

All CORE Programs are designed and facilitated to Simplify, Transform, Accelerate, and Sustain preferred experiences and greatest results for employees, customers and whole organizations.

CORE Foundations

Maximizing Motivation and Optimal Human Performance

Designed as an introduction to The CORE Foundations, this seminar offers participants a detailed examination of the simplest, yet most profound perspective on human behavior and optimal functioning.

CORE Communication

Optimizing Leader Effectiveness and Efficiency

CORE: Communication for Leaders is much more than a communication course! It is the most powerful approach available for optimizing both quality leader effectiveness and efficiency simultaneously!

CORE Leader Compass

Simple, Practical and Transformative Tools

The CORE Leader Compass provides new leaders with a blueprint and strategies towards a relations-oriented, values-driven and strengths-based approach for great leadership that is aligned with your organization’s vision, mission and values.

CORE Influence

Inspiring Influence and Optimizing Performance

CORE Influence provides mid-level and senior leaders with simple yet profound insights into the CORE of human behaviour as it relates to motivation, influence and transformation towards best outcomes for employees and clients/customers.

For more information on all of our CORE Programs, please contact us!