Vision without action is merely a dream. Vision with action can change the world.

                                   – Joel A. Barker

While inspiration is great, we know like many experiences, it too can fade. This page is designed to house ideas, key concepts, blogs, podcasts and webinars on All-Things-CORE and is the place where we offer practical steps, strategies and tools to support your actions and practice on the journey to Better.

We encourage you to communicate and get involved here: Share ideas. Ask Questions. Give Feedback. Challenge us. Hold us accountable.

The more you share what you need; what’s most important to you and; what you are hoping for, we will be able to accommodate those very important needs, values and goals!

5 Steps to a Greater Leadership Experience

This post was written for leaders and aspiring leaders who are committed to providing the greatest leadership experience for their people. It offers 5 Simple Steps, guaranteed to elevate a quality leader experience for both the member and the leader!   A Tough Pill to Swallow I remember clearly, as a manager, the first time…

People and Preferred Change: 4 Keys to Succeed

This post intends to name and eliminate one of the biggest and most problematic misconceptions about people and change. Written for leaders and aspiring leaders, the article presents 4 Keys to successfully develop and support all people through change, no matter how complex. People Change Since the beginning of time, human beings have been faced…

Five Ways to Inspire People, Productivity and Profit

Quality Leadership and Better Outcomes A wealth of research and your own experiences confirm without a doubt that effective and quality leadership positively impact EVERYTHING: Motivation; Engagement; Commitment; Communication; Climate; Culture and; Conversion on Greatest Results. Conversely, we also know that when employees experience leadership as being inadequate, negative and/or of poor quality the outcomes…

The Billion Dollar Question

This week, at a presentation in Montreal I was asked a very important question, “If you could share only one piece of advice for leaders, what would it be?” My answer; “That they learn about and ask themselves The Billion Dollar Question…every day.” While I write this post with Leaders and Human Resource professionals in…

Leaders and Leadership: Stop Blaming. Start Naming.

Thank You All Leaders and Aspiring Leaders Thank you for committing your time, energy and your lives to developing the capacities of others to feel better, do better and just be better overall. You can never be thanked enough. Your dedication to the betterment of others is not merely a job; it is a calling.…

The 5 Pillars of Great Leadership

Employee engagement, according to Aon, Deloitte, Gallup, and thousands of scholarly articles,  is one of the greatest game-changing mechanisms for companies looking to accelerate performance, exceed desired results and outperform their competitors. Quality Leadership and Engagement The potential for managers to impact employee engagement is massive; Gallup estimates that managers account for at least 70…

The Quickest Win

This piece was written for ALL Leaders and Aspiring Leaders in and outside the workplace. It was inspired by two conversations, on the same day, with two very different leaders: the most respected and talented CEO I’ve known and, a lovely couple who were brand new parents.   Offered following the story below, is the…

Page 1:Five Essential Questions for Greater Leadership

All great journeys start with a first step and, all great leadership stories start with a first page. In this practical and profound podcast Stephen de Groot guides leaders and aspiring leaders through a personal reflection on 5 Essential questions; they are geared towards immediately improving, strengthening and sustaining greater leadership. Stephen encourages ALL Leaders at…


    • I believe leadership encompasses creating inspiring visions together, listening and challenging with care/love throughout this process and then actually accomplishing these dreams.

      • I agree with your description Deb. Building off of this idea I would add that great leaders create a safe environment that allows employees to show up as their whole person and that in this environment they leave at the end of the day is as good of shape as when they arrived, if not better.

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